Noon VR Headset Review

A south Korean based corporation entered the VR headset market giving me the opportunity to write a Noon VR headset review. In this Noon VR Headset review you will learn more on how the company partnered with Koom VR due to which people can share their own work in this headset app and even download work uploaded by others. So the Noon VR app does work from the creations of other users as well which is innovative.

Price: $75.99

Best Buy: www.amazon.com

Unboxing of the Noon VR


Well while unboxing you will realize that the VR headset is pretty elegant and has a well-designed box which includes the headset, the protective cover, and a cleaning cloth.

Since it is made out of plastic it is light in weight and has a focus dial which helps in adjusting the wide angle lenses.The straps pretty much hold the VR headset in place making it comfortable to wear and move around.


What I like about the Noon VR

1. It is light I must say and has the rubber strap which holds the headset in place.The field of view being 95 degrees which is pretty good. The closest VR headset it has in competition is the Samsung Gear VR and according to me both of them have almost the same FOV.

2. You can adjust the lenses with the Focus Dial which is provided on top of the headset and I haven’t heard many complaints about the lens or its focusing so that is a positive for the given headset.

3. It does have the foam padding so that it can be comfortable when pressed against the face like most of the VR headsets and it does have a lot of vents for ventilation. With around four vents I think there should not be much fogging in the VR headset. Click here to see a few solutions for overheating of your phones when inside a VR headset.

4. Well, unlike the other VR headsets in its range it doesn’t have touch controllers and rather you can select an option with your head movements or staring at a particular icon  and tapping on the front of the headset to reorient the screen.

5. This was the only one headset which I found was pretty good even for iPhones basically, it can cater to any phone which a screen size between 4.7 to 6 inches.

6. The phone is held by a strap which holds the phone really well without any chance of dropping the phone.

7. With the Noon VR, you can access content from other apps and have no issues.

What I didn’t like about the Noon VR

1. The content in the Noon VR app isn’t a lot, however, I think the content is only going to grow more and more with time.

2. You do need a 2560×1440 resolution on your phone to get the best experience out of the Noon VR(This is the case with any VR headset except the Samsung Gear VR).

3. I did find it a little difficult initially in navigating through the menu without any physical controller but you would get used to it with constant use.

4. Due to the lack of content, you need to rely a lot on Google cardboard apps and they need to be controlled with a Bluetooth mouse due to the lack of magnetic trigger.

Issues with Noon VR

I have heard people complaining a lot about the Noon VR  and many reviewers have been disappointed with it as well. I have even seen that there were issues people had with the app and I still consider Noon VR to be “pretty okay” because of the following reasons:

1. I do agree it has really less content and to be honest most of its videos are not event that great. However, you can download other apps and play them on this VR headset, so it isn’t that bad after all.

2. You might need a Bluetooth mouse to click when you are in the VR world in case of few apps and in the case of few other games you just need to stare at the object you want to select and move forward in the game. The software interface which is responsible for detecting the ‘glares’ and the ‘tap’ is really good.

3. The major complaint almost everyone had was the app from that supports Noon VR, my suggestion is if you have a Bluetooth mouse then go ahead and use it with the Google cardboard apps and other gaming apps so that you won’t have to suffer after the purchase.

4. The customer care tries to help and replies back in case of issues related to authentication but there are a few cases where even the customer care might be of no help. There are many minor defects that you can be greeted with when you buy this product and that is really not something you expect for a $89 VR headset.So, if you really want to buy this product, you need to start saving up on your patience storehouse.

Games on the Noon VR


PHOTO CREDITS: www.noonvr.com

You do have a selection when it comes to games, so the Noon VR isn’t as bad as it may look, you have a few interesting games which include the Zombie Shooter and the Roller Coaster VR, which are really interesting and immersive enough for a smartphone VR.

Apart from these games you do have Google Cardboard games and a ton of free apps that you can enjoy using the Noon VR headset. The major advantage of this VR headset is that it has a good VR quality compared to many other VR headsets in the market.


The conclusion for the detailed Noon VR headset review is that the VR headset is pretty comfortable and does rely on software for navigation in the games and apps, it has no physical buttons as such. It has a smooth overall performance and less power consumption.

It would go pretty well with your android phone and iPhone and is much better than those cheap Chinese headsets that are now available in the market.

It has an overall smooth performance though not like the high-end ones but nevertheless it is good for the price and they have come a long way in improving their product.

Still the fact that it is lacking quality content and a few Noon VR headsets have been found to have glitches which cannot be ignored.

Will I buy the Noon VR?

The moment of truth, LOL.

To be practical I would rather prefer the Merge VR than this VR headset, I really think it is good but with all the extra added headache due to the useless app which makes you go in search of other gaming apps, I really feel it is better to go for the Merge VR or Samsung Gear VR. They are even cheaper than the Noon VR and I feel that their quality is better including content on their app as well. However, if you do not like the color of Merge VR(which has been a turn-off to many), then  Noon VR or Freefly VR would be my next recommendation.

With the drastic drop in the price of the Gear VR ($60 on amazon), I really think looking at any other device would just be a waste of time and energy(provided you have a Samsung Phone).

However, if you want to take a look at the Noon VR on amazon, the link is given down below and if you want to share any of your experiences with the Noon VR then write them in the comment section below and I would be happy to help.


PHOTO CREDITS: www.noonvr.com



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  1. Thanks for the post. I tried the HTC Vive the other day and it was heads and tails better than Samsung Gear. But it’s also $800 plus you have to get a PC with a pretty solid graphics card. My money is on the more expensive and more capable standalone platforms winning out over the smaller, less expensive systems. Thoughts?

    • Oh if you really want to go for the more expensive ones then I guess as of now HTC Vive is the best, I mean it is a one time investment but worth every penny.

      However for the smartphone VR headset Noon VR pretty good as well.

  2. This is great, I have actually been considering switching to samsung from iphone to get this gadget.

    I am yet to try out the headset but it really does look cool.

    Great product review tho very informative. I really wish they would bring something out like this for the iphone that would be amazing.

    I didnt realise the price on these gadgets could be so cheap I thought they were much more expensive.

    Thanks for the review and post.

  3. Hey Shrey,

    Awesome review, I’ve always wanted to try these VR’s out. They look pretty damn nice. I think it would work well with my iPhone 6. I never used the VR, I definitely think it would amaze me. How long have you had yours for now? did find any technical difficulties with yours?

    • I have had mine for about three months now, mine was the Gear VR and I haven’t faced much issues yet!To be honest I do not use it that extensively and mine is relatively new so I think so far it is good !

  4. Shrey,
    I have never thought about one of these head sets. Adding the games may be the pricey part of this system. I own a Samsung Galaxy 5 and Note 4, what would work best with this pair as the gear VR is not compatible.
    I have a 11 year old that loves to play games like that are listed here, I would like to look into this option for a Christmas list.

    • Hi John

      No, adding games is not that pricey and it is really reasonably priced when you look at the other VR headsets and their quality, the Gear VR looks a lot better.

      It is compatible with Note 5 and I don’t think as of now it supports Samsung Gear 5, so I think you can go for the other VR headsets as an alternative.

      I suggest you look into Merge VR or the Noon VR, although you can wait for the newer version of Gear VR which are promised to be compatible with all the Samsung Galaxy phones.

  5. Hi there Buddy!

    Excellent review and thank you kindly for sharing it with us.

    Virtual reality sets seem to be pretty, or at least fairly new just now and in my opinion the price will start to drop significantly soon, especially the higher end ones.

    Although I’d love to try one out I am concerned with my ocular health, do these devices cause visual problems short and long term? head aches?

    • Hi Derek,

      I think everyone is concerned with their health regarding these VR headsets, too much of TV is bad as well, but that doesn’t mean we stop watching it. Everything needs to be done in moderation and the same applies here. So there is nothing serious to worry about!

      The Samsung Gear VR prices have already dropped down drastically and that should be like a warning to all the other VR headset companies, because the quality of the Gear VR is excellent and with the drop in it’s price it has become the hottest selling product on Amazon 🙂

  6. Awesome! I was really looking for a good review of this VR and finally a really detailed article on it. I currently have a iPhone 4 (I’m ancient, I know, haha) and was wondering if it’s compatible. Are there any technical issues with this model or cons to be aware of?

    • Hi Andrew

      You can use phone with screen sizes between 4-6 inches, however the preferable size would be around 4.5, so I really doubt if you can use the Noon VR with your phone.

      However, you can first try out how the phone works with the google cardboard to try how you phone works with it, but even then the screen size matters here. The cons are listed in detail under “what I did not like about the product”, just try going through that again and in case of specific doubts, feel free to ask me 🙂

      Hope this helps

  7. Hi Shrestha,

    In my opinion a good and thorough review. I never had a VR headset, but i might try one out. Didn’t know what you could do with them.

    Which VR headset do you recommend for a Samsung Galaxy S5? And is a VR headset compatible when you wear glasses?


    • Well for the Samsung Galaxy S5, I think as of now, you have the Merge VR and the Freefly VR as really good options to choose from.

      You can play games and get into some interesting VR experiences with both these VR headsets.If you just getting started with VR headsets and are still not sure about buying any of the above headsets then do check out the Google Cardboard Review which is the most basic VR headset with amazing supporting apps.

  8. Thanks Shrestha for the review on the Noon Vr. Virtual reality is one of the leading technliogies on the market today and lot of people really do not know much about this especially in knowing which brand of product to patronize. I once heard of a similar product by a company world global network called the Space Lumina. Heard about the launch of the product but not so much about its availability on the market.
    Reviews like this is very helpful to some of us wanting to have more insight into the virtual world

    Thanks for sharing

  9. VR is something that really interests me, I love the concept of it and if done properly will be an amazing thing!

    I have been patiently waiting on the Sony VR system coming out but I am interested in trying other ones out and reading your review has really helped narrow down my choices as I had a few in mind.

    Are there any others you would recommend?

    • I have my top 5 smartphone VR recommendations and I think it is better to stick by them until we see more development in the VR content as the days go by.I think by the end of this year we would have a clear picture on where the VR technology is heading and it is definitely going to boom by the next year which is an amazing thing.

  10. Hi Shrey,

    Great review you have here. What I was wondering, are those games you are showing in that image, the only games available for this headset? You say there is quite a collection available but to me it seems kinda limited :p
    Or maybe they are planning on releasing a lot more games in the future? Would love to know this as I’m seriously considering to get one myself.


    • True, there are limited games when it comes to the NoonVR associated app although you could download other games which are not on the official website and play it using a bluetooth gamepad. Any bluetooth gamepad compatible with your phone would do the trick.The headset company does promise to increase content with time but till then you need to use any one of these hacks 😛

      There are few games and experiences but I guess you will exhaust them soon and will try all the Cardboard apps so I don’t think there should be any problem although you need to be patient enough to go ahead and download the apps compatible with the headset.

      If you really want a great content without any redirecting issues then you can even look for the Merge VR headset as it supports almost all Google Cardboard apps and can be a better choice for quality content.

      Hope this helps

  11. I’ve been looking at VR headsets so thanks for this review. I’ve only really seen commercials for the Samsung one so I needed to go to the internet to see what other options there are. My main issue is that I wear glasses, no contacts. I need my glasses during all my waking hours. Would I be able to wear this VR headset comfortably with my glasses?

    • The headset has focus dial so if you have like a minor problem it can be managed by adjusting the dial, however in case the frame of your glasses fit in, there would be a lot of light bleed so I really do not think it should be used with glasses on!

  12. Great article, thank you for the post. I was looking into this particular headset but give the Merge or Samsung Gear a shot. VR is an exciting field and I cant wait to see where it towards. You have a ton of awesome reviews of headsets. What games do you recommend?

    • There are a lot of games and experiences in the Gear VR and the Merge, I personally like Dreadhalls but it totally depends on you and how you like your games to be.Some people love the simple point and click games and others are more into puzzles.

      I like games with more details into them and dreadhalls in one among them, I think I would even recommend the Land’s End, there are a lot actually, LOL.

      Do try some of them and let me know your favorites 🙂

  13. Shrey
    Thanks for the review and also thanks for not sugarcoating things. You gave a very detailed review of the Noon VR. It was informative and really makes me think about what the best possible product would be for me. Based on your review I’m definitely going to look into the Merge VR and the Samsung Gear VR. Given their prices and the availability of more functions with less headaches it seems like the logical choice. Thanks again.

    • Hi Glenn

      Yeah, the last thing I want to do while giving a review is to sugarcoat things. The Noon VR is good but it is not as great as the other two Smartphone VR headsets which I mentioned. The Merge and the Gear VR are way better when it comes to content and since content is the key, I will recommend the latter any day.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  14. Wow, I have seen this on amazon but never really was interested in buying one. Now that I know all of its features, I might like to buy one. Any suggestions on one to buy?Any thoughts on Merge VR. Also is it Iphone compatible? Thanks for the awesome review on the noon vr.

    • I think the Merge VR is really a better choice over the Noon, but in case you do not like the color you can always fall back to this VR headset here!

      May people drool over looks and that is when they tend to get the Noon VR but if you look at the features, Merge VR is definetly way better.

  15. Hypothetically, If I want to go for the best VR headset out there, and let’s say that money is no object to me, which would you personally recommend? Do you have an article for it?

    I’m admittedly very new to VR in general, but I’ve seen several really awesome looking games on them that I want to play,and aside from wondering where to start, I wanted to find the very best (I’m kinda nerdy like that lol).

    • If you have a Samsung Gear VR compatible phone then my recommendation would be the Gear VR, however if you want to go for other options I really liked the Merge VR for a smartphone based VR headset.

      There have been a few people complaining about the color of the VR headset and so if that is the case with you as well, I think you can even look into the Freefly VR headset review which is another better option.

      Hope this helps :

  16. I think the price is very reasonable! It is a much better choice than a cheaper chinese made VR.
    Has it advantages over samsungs’s VR?
    I’m thinking of buying the Samsung Gear VR but the Noon VR is another good choice.
    What do you think? Is Samsung’s VR much better?

    • They are totally different.

      When you compare a smartphone based VR headset where you have the much added benefits of going wireless with the PlayStation VR which does involve being in a particular circumference in order to play the game.

      If you have the Samsung gear VR compatible phone then I would definitely suggest you the gear VR as it is now available for just $60 and that is way more cheaper than this VR headset.

      But if you are a hardcore gamer and want to go on gaming for hours together and actually get a more immersive experience then I think you should choose the Sony PlayStation VR.

  17. The Noon VR headset has a lot of potential, but like you mentioned in your review with the Merge VR being so affordable its a no brainer.

    Being an emerging market I typically like to go with the more supported VR system. It will be interesting to see which company will bring these devices to the mainstream.

    Like any gaming console and the VR headsets are no different it mostly comes down to content and games I feel. The Noon is just too new for me to commit and until I see more competitive apps I will stick with my favorite the Merge.

    • Yes, exactly my point , the Noon is too new and with quite little content as of now.It does offer some quality experience but when it comes to comparing the Noon VR and the Merge VR, I definitely think for now the Merge VR is better in giving a much better experience.

  18. I have yet to try any VR systems, and honestly I’m a little afraid because I get car sick really easy, motion sickness is horrible with me. Do you think VR would cause any motion sickness? Also,would the noon vr be the best vr system for iphones? or merge vr?

    • I would personally prefer Merge VR, I think it is way better, however few people are more on the looks and they really do not like the color of the Merge VR. Such people could go for the Noon VR but they need to remember that the content on the Merge is way better and eve more in quantity than the Noon VR.

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